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name: Keyana Pope
$1000 Cash+1 Lace Wig+5 Pcs Clothes.
[00168]: 2
Travel Ideas: To help my family
name: Nycole Chisum
1 Non-Lace Wig + 5 Pcs Clothes
[00182]: 1
Travel Ideas: I want to go to Dubai and explore the deserts and experience its beautiful scenery and culture
name: tayyytoomuch
1 Non-Lace Wig + 2 Pcs Clothes.
[00183]: 1
Travel Ideas:
4 1/0
name: Wigsbydaj
[00184]: 0
Travel Ideas: I hope that I can have the opportunity to start my hair business and eventually open a wig shop and wholesale and teach other women how to achieve their goals and let the world know anything is possible!
5 1/3
name: Mayalewis2016
[00171]: 10
Travel Ideas: I want to travel back to Vegas to spend time with family.There's plenty of things to do!
6 1/0
name: Benet Tyson
[00185]: 0
Travel Ideas: Sunrise at Cappadocia The fairy-tale region of Cappadocia has had tremulous history enthralling enough to match its unbelievable landscape. Carved right into the Anatolian plains are tall rock sites known as Fairy Chimneys, which make for the perfect sunrise setting. The region is known for its hot air balloon flight at dawn where you can witness the rise of dozens of these colorful balloons spawning up from the mountains. We recommend skipping the actual balloon ride to secure a spot at a nearby high viewing point to watch the dreamlike effect of the balloons taking off.
7 1/1
name: Its_meh_arii
[00172]: 0
Travel Ideas:
8 1/0
name: ash.ley._441
[00186]: 0
Travel Ideas: I never travel before so I would like to travel to a next country for experience.
9 1/3
name: Janise_xmas
[00173]: 18
Travel Ideas: I would love to travel to a place like Bora Bora with my husband and children. God bless
10 1/0
name: Sheryl Dixon
[00187]: 0
Travel Ideas: For my 50th birthday I would love to travel to Dubai but moreover bring my mom
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Young girls also need to travel! And travel in fashionable look! Money is not a problem, only if you have the willing to look around the world, jurllyshe and Beautyforever will support you as we support youth! Just post your best travel pictures and you may win our $1000 travel fund!
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Top1 (Votes From 06/17-06/23): $1000 Cash+1 Lace Wig+5 Pcs Clothes.
Top2 (Votes From 06/17-06/23): 1 Non-Lace Wig + 5 Pcs Clothes.
Top3 (Votes From 06/17-06/23): 1 Non-Lace Wig + 2 Pcs Clothes.
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