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Q1: Why can't I pay successfully?

Pls change your payment method or other credit cards to try. If you still can NOT pay, pls contact us with Email: customer@jurllyshe.com   

Q2: How long is the processing time?

Usually, we take about 3-7 days to process your order(excluding weekends and holidays). You will receive a confirmation email with the tracking number once your order ships.


  1. If it exceeds 7 days, we will contact you, you can also contact us at any time about your order.
  2. If inaccurate or incomplete addresses are provided, or if there are unverified details with your order, it may delay processing. We encourage all customers to thoroughly review their shipping and billing information prior to checking out to ensure any possible delays are avoided.
  3. If you place the order for clothing & human hair at the same time because we will ship your order out from China's warehouse. And you will receive at least two packages since hair and clothing are packaged separately.
  4. For orders over $300, we need authorization through customers, so we will contact you in time!

Q3: How long is the delivery time?

Shipping Method
Costs Shipping

Note: Due to the impact of the epidemic, the shipping time of USPS in some parts of the United States will be delayed by 3-7 days.

Q4.Why is the tracking number not working or shipping information not updated?

There are no further updates from the shipping company due to your package being in transit (Usually they are waiting for a flight or are under customs clearance). Once it has reached the next sort facility it will update. It may take a couple of days ( 1-3 days), Pls contact customer service if it was not updated within 5 days.

Q5. Why was my package delivered, but I didn't receive It?

Reason 1: Your package has not been delivered, The logistics information has shown the package was delivered, but the actual delivery has been delayed, pls contact the local post office to confirm.
Reason 2: Your package has been delivered, may the courier put your package into your mailbox, or front, pls find the package carefully, you can ask your neighbors or friends to see if someone picked up your package for you.
Reason 3: Your items may get lost, and you still can’t find your package if you already have done everything. we suggest you open the case with the local post and provide us with the case number. We will contact the logistics company and police to solve it for you.

Q6.How do I change or cancel my order?

Pls contact us [customer@jurllyshe.com] ASAP if you need to change or cancel your order before it is shipped. Once it is shipped out, we can’t do any changes or cancel. Tag your order number in your email can help us find it quicker!

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