Which One Is Better? Free Part Closure or Three Part Closure?

Jun.21, 2020

When you make a wig with human hair bundles and closures, you need choose the closures. Free part closure and three part closure, which one is better? Most people will choose the free part closure, why? What is the difference between the free part closure and three part closure? Let’s go for it.

what is the difference between free part closure vs three part closure

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What Is Free Part Closure?

What Is Three Part Closure?

What Is The Difference Between Free Part Closure Vs Three Part Closure?

Which One Is Better? Free Part Closure or Three Part Closure?

What Is A Lace Closure?

Lace closure is properly the most popular type of closure, because it is the most comfortable and usually best for head. Lace closures are hair pieces that human hair strands hand-knotted on the lace hole, which is more elastic and thicker than other bases.

Africanmall lace closures made from Brazilian hair or 100% virgin human hair can seamlessly cover the scalp, making your wig look absolutely perfect! You can choose the free part lace closure, middle part closure or three part closure. So what is the difference?

What Is Free Part Closure?

free part lace closure

For free part closure, you can part is anywhere. You can make a zig-zag part,a curvy part,and you can part it any way that you can part your regular hair.The free part closure is also the best if you want to wear your hair straight back with no part.The hair will look like it comes from your scalp.

What Is Three Part Closure?

three part lace closure

The three part closure is a type of pre-parted closure. Which is based on a conventional closure, except that it has three parts that have been permanently placed to allow various styles, they are on the left and right of the closure and in the center. There are three parts--two on each side and one in the middle so you can wear a middle part and a side part on either right or left. 

What Is The Difference Between Free Part Closure Vs Three Part Closure?

* Three part closure are easier to install and you can switch between different side parts.

* When wearing a three part lace closure, the 100% virgin human hair bundles will need to be installed without any errors because if the closure is slightly off, the whole wig will look not natural.

* Three part closure can provide a fun and unique look, but sometimes you can still catch a peep of the other parts that you are trying to cover.

* Lots of women use free-part closures because they like the freedom of deciding where to part their closures. They don’t like that “hard part” in the other types of closures.

* Unlike pre-parted closures(middle part, three part closure), free part closures don’t look bad at the slightest error in the installation process.

* Free part closure is more convenient for hair designers because they are free to separate and look more natural.

Video of How To Customize Free Part Lace Closure:

Video of Three Part Lace Closure:

Which One Is Better? Free Part Closure or Three Part Closure?

You can try the free-style and 3 part closures, both offer versatile partings once applied and easy to style, but it is essential that you bleach the knots for either style of closure. If compared with free part closure, you cannot style three part lace closure in many ways. You always have to think about hairstyle which suits three parts on the head. Three part closure is useful for particular style while free part closure offers multiple hairstyle in no time. It all depends on your needs. And most of our customers selected free part closure.

Africanmall lace closures ensure that your hair products look natural on your head. The lace closure is made from 100% virgin human hair. No shedding, no tangle. No matter what you want, African mall Hair can provide a variety of lace closures such as Brazilian straight hair, Peruvian body wave hair, Malaysian curls, Indian deep hair and loose wave closure. Free and three-part lace closures are popular on the market and very practical.