What Is the Best Grade of Human Hair

Jul.19, 2021

With so many hair grades available in the market today, it can be quite confusing to know which hair grade to choose. The truth is that finding good hair isn’t an easy task, and with plenty of grading on hair, it has become a daunting task to figure out which hair is ideal for you.

What Is the Best Grade of Human Hair

The grade of hair is usually determined by the factory that sources the hair from the donor. And contrary to the popular belief, the grade of the hair doesn’t reflect the quality of each strand, but rather, the length of each strand.

The Difference Between Human Hair Grades

The hair grading system may sound quite simple, but there is actually more confusion. With the ever-changing markets, the grading system has drastically changed over recent years. What people considered high-quality hair some few years ago [5A, 6A] has since become medium quality hair.

What Is the Best Grade of Human Hair


It is worth mentioning that certain hair companies are usually not honest about their hair quality. For instance, they may use top hair grades to sell customers low-quality hair for higher prices. And since no one actually regulates the grading system, one can mark synthetic hair as 10A and still sell it. And considering that most hair is sold online, it becomes more difficult to ascertain whether the hair is as high-quality as it is being advertised, until when it reaches your hands.

This is why it is important for customers to get a basic understanding of how the grading system works so that they can save money in the long run and avoid getting confused.

How Does The Hair Grading System Actually Work?

It will be quite simple once you understand how the system works. Instead of thinking of the hair grading system as determining the quality of the hair, think of the grading system as the proportion of strands per bundle that measure the full length of the hair.

Is There a Price Difference Between Difference Human Hair Grades?

Of course, yes! As with almost everything on this earth, higher quality usually translates to higher prices. This also applies to the hair grading system. However, it is worth mentioning that since the grading system is not regulated in any way, there is always no guarantee that paying more means you will get the highest hair quality.

What Is the Best Grade of Human Hair

Grades of Human Hair

Here are some of the most common hair grade types you will find on the market:

  • 5A grade: Non-Remy hair

5A grade hair is the most popular hair type available in the market. This grade is human hair, but Non-Remy, which have more short hair. The cuticle points in different directions. The hair can be processed by the acid bath to remove cuticles. 5A grade feels soft and tangle-free, but only for about 1-3 months depending on how you take care of it.

  • 6A: 100% human virgin hair

6A hair grade is 100% human hair without any chemical process. The cuticles point towards the same direction. This hair can be bleached, dyed, or restyled. It doesn’t tangle too. This hair can last for a very long time if maintained properly.

  • 7A: 100% human virgin hair

This hair grade is almost the same quality as 6A hair. However, it is a bit thicker compared to 6A and has less short hair. 7A hair grade is one of the most preferred grades among wig wearers.

  • 8A: 100% human virgin hair

The cuticles in this grade tend to point in the same direction. It is cut from one single donor, making the wig very expensive. The 8A hair grade is perfect for those shoppers who are on a budget. It may not be the fullest hair from wefts to tips, but it can still be used for quite some time [more than six months].

  • 9A and 10A: 100% virgin hair

These two hair grades definitely sit high on the hair grade ladder. Both these grades are often virgin hair that has not been through chemical processing. These grades have 100% cuticles that flow in the same directions. They are super thick, soft, and healthy.

The difference between 9A hair and 10A hair grade is only the thickness of the hair. 10A hairs have longer strands compared to 9A hair. If you are stuck between choosing 9A hair or 10A hair, it is advisable to go for the 10A hair because 10A hair is the best virgin hair and it will help you achieve that fuller look.

Grade 10A hair is the highest quality hair and the most expensive one, it is the best hair grade. It is 100% unprocessed virgin hair from one donor with thick ends and a strong structure. This grade 10A hair can last for a very long time unless you process them.

How Do I know What Human Hair Grade To Purchase?

Your choice of hair grade will largely depend on what you need from your hair. The higher quality hair you want, the higher the grade you should look out for. If your budget can allow it and you want some quality, you should start as 6A. If you want 100% virgin hair, anything less than grade 8A may not be ideal for you.

What Is the Best Grade of Human Hair

However, don’t let human hair grades be the deciding factor when buying hair. As mentioned above, lack of regulations means that any hair manufacturer will indicate that their hair is of higher grade while actually, the hair is low quality. This is why it is important to look for reviews directly on the website and read them before you actually order a wig of your choice.

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