What Are Neon Colors? How To Wear Neon Color Clothes?

When it comes to color trends today, one of the most loved and lively colors that make you look really glamorous is any shade of neon. The colors of bright green, pink, yellow and orange can change your entire look once chosen correctly and worn in harmony with the rest of the outfit. It is important to put the outfit together in a clever way, to use matching accessories in an appropriate quantity that will only compliment the look and you are done.Today, let’s talk about what are neon colors and how to wear neon color in clothing.

What Are Neon Colors?

Neon: Sometimes the second rainbow can be seen on the outside of the rainbow. The brilliance is slightly lighter than the first rainbow. The color sequence is red outside the purple, contrary to the rainbow.

Colors: The original intention is also a natural phenomenon, that is, the rainbow is also colorful. The color sequence is from outside to inside: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, enamel, purple.

Neon Colors: A colored light used to attract customers or decorate night scenes at night, so use the two beautiful things "neon" as the name of the lamp.

What Are Neon Colors? How To Wear Neon Color Clothes?

How To Choose Neon Colors In Clothing?

Since neon colors are trendy in today's high fashion and everybody strives to have at least one piece of clothes in this color, here are some essential tips to follow when choosing neon clothes.

* Pick the neon shade that you love most of all and that goes well with your skin tone and hair color. For example, if your face is pale, then accordingly yellow and orange will not look good for you. Instead, you should take brighter colors like neon pink or cobalt blue.

* Think twice. If you do not want to catch attention, never opt for this color, since neon will always make you visible from afar.

* Choose accessories that will not overdo the outfit. Go for accessories that help to tone down the brightness of neon colors.

What Are Neon Colors? How To Wear Neon Color Clothes?

How To Wear Neon Color Clothing?

To wear neon colors, be ready for some attention! It’s hard not to notice bright shades of green, yellow, blue, pink, and purple. You can either go for a bright, bold look and wear many neon hues, or pair a neon garment with neutrals for a subtle style. Either way, rock your neon with confidence!

1. Go for a head-to-toe neon look if you want a daring, electric style. 

neon shorts set

If you aren’t afraid to show your colors, choose a neon shirt, shorts, and accessories, for instance. You can go for a monochromatic neon look by wearing all of the same hues, or try mixing it up and choose 1-3 different neon colors.

*You can also choose matching sets in neon colors such as neon green two piece shorts.

*This is a great idea for summertime styles or to a concert with blacklights.

*For example, choose a neon yellow tube top and a yellow skirt.

*You can go with an aqua shirt and pair it with yellow shorts.

2. Select neon leggings for a bold, colorful look. 

JurllyShe Elastic Hem Solid Pants

Choose a pink, aqua, or green pair of leggings for a casual yet stylish look. Then, pair this with a solid or neon top, like a tank, T-shirt, tube tops, or long-sleeved shirt.

* This is a great idea if you are shopping around town or meeting friends for dinner.

* For example, wear aqua skinny pants with a flowy black tunic shirt.

3. Go with a neon dress for a flattering evening look. 

What Are Neon Colors? How To Wear Neon Color Clothes?

Try taking a colorful spin on the Little Black Dress! Pick a dress in a classic silhouette, like a gathered waist or A-line skirt, but choose a vibrant hue like neon green dress, neon orange dress, purple, or blue. Then, wear this to your next cocktail party or date night.

*Additionally, wear neon maxi or mini skirts for another evening option.

4. Wear a button up neon tops for a twist on a classic style.

What Are Neon Colors? How To Wear Neon Color Clothes?

If you want a nice top to wear out to the bar or on casual Friday, consider a brightly-colored button-down or blouse. Wear this with skirts or dress pants, based on your preference.

* Choose a short sleeve tee top and wear it with tapered pants for a night out on the town.

* If you want to wear neon to work, make sure it is okay for your workplace. If there is any question, you can wear a very saturated colored top, like magenta or navy. Pair this with trousers, for instance.

Other Neon Cothes For You:

neon green romper

What Are Neon Colors? How To Wear Neon Color Clothes?


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