Wash It Right: Extend the Life of Clothing

Jan.29, 2021

Doing laundry is the work that everyone can not skip, but wash the clothes should also in right ways, so that will make their serve life longer.

We should wash our clothes as long as we are still in this world, but it’s definitely not an easy job that just through the clothes into a washing machine and wait for the bell tinkle to let us take the clothes away and dry them. What we should know is that different kinds of clothes or different materials of clothes must be washed in different right conditions, which included the water temperature, how long the wash time is, the washing methods, the drying methods, and what kinds of soap should be used and so on, so that can maintain the good situations of clothes  Following are some problems that we may often face with and the solutions when we do the laundry.

Wash Clothes

1. Fade after washing

For the clothes made of polyester, such as Jurllyshe sexy rompers for women which have good elasticity, fading is normal if it’s the first or second time to wash, the situation will be better after several times of washing, but the suggestion that divides the dark color and light color into the different group when doing laundry will always be effective.

For the denim, like some Jurllyshe denim matching sets and stacked jeans which are easy to fade every time you wash it. So when you wash it, you should keep the light color clothes away from denim. Otherwise, you can also add some salt in the water and soak the denim for 1/2 hours to enhance the colorfastness, then use a washing machine to wash it as usual.

The last, remember that the colder the water, the harder it will be for your clothes to fade. The best temperature for washing clothes is under 30.


2. Seam/print/emb. break or accessories fall off after washing

The seam, print, and accessories like zipper pullers, buttons are always the weaknesses of a garment, to avoid the mess, you’d better use a laundry bag and wash inside out, and zipped/buttons up before washing. For some jumpers and sweaters, they may lose shape after washing and hanging, so we advise that use the gentle washing progress to wash, and lay them on an even surface to dry, so that may keep their shapes.

3. Puffer jacket became flat after wash

It’s really difficult to wash a padded coat or a puffer jacket, the suggestion is that don’t put the whole coat into the water, just use a towel to wipe it. If it’s too dirty not to wash, please hand wash it but the machine, the puffer jackets may explode if use the washing machine to wash them. And hit it gently with a stick after drying.

puffer jacket

puffer jacket

Above are some suggestions about how to wash clothes, besides, the washing label on each garment is also a good guide for washing it, we should read it carefully. Only washing clothes in the right way, can they have longer serve lives.


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