2021 Trendy to Try: Matching Two Piece Outfit Sets for Women

Jul.19, 2021

2021 saw the emergence, or rather the rebirth of various trends that were quite popular back in the day. In this article, we will have a look at some of the top 2020 outfit trends you need to try. To make your life simple, we have also added a list of outfits by Jurllyshe that are in line with these leading trends.

Matching Two Piece Outfit Sets for Women

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Jurllyshe is an online apparel store that brings you some great two-piece outfit sets, short sets, skirt sets, and pants set to upgrade your wardrobe.

Let’s have a look at some of the most trending matching two-piece outfits set by Jurllyshe for a fashionable look.

Trend #1 – Tie-Dye Prints

Tie-dye has emerged as one of the leading 2020 fashion trends. From leisurewear to loungewear, and even activewear, many people have started adding this colorful design to their articles. The reason for the popularity of tie-dye is probably the lockdown which got many people to try out tie-dying. The good news for you is that you don’t have to try it out yourself! This is because Jurllyshe is bringing you some really cool tie-dyed two-piece outfit sets. Let’s have a look at some of these trendy tie-dye outfits.

Outfit #1 - Jurllyshe Tie Dye Printed Hooded Crop Top with Pockets Elastic Casual Pants Set

two piece pant suit

This is one of the best matching two-piece outfit sets that comes with a tie-dye print. It comes with an ultra-chic crop top hoodie and a pair of fitted, elastic pants to highlight your curves in the best possible way. The best thing is that it is available in 2 amazing shades – Tea Pink and Sky Blue, both of which are giving out some major Fall vibes.

To complete the look, wear a pair of silver hoop earrings, and carry an oversized purse. White sneakers or joggers perfectly complement this outfit, so don’t forget to get those too!

Outfit #2 - Jurllyshe Pleated and Printed Leisure Suit with Holes

two piece pant suit

This lovely colorful crop top and pants set is exactly what dreams are made of! It is available in 4 unique color contrasts, all of which are going to make you want to buy them. In fact, three of the four outfits have cartoon characters printed on them that are surely going to bring out the child in you.

Trend #2 – Neon-Colored Outfits

When it comes to evergreen trends, neon-colored outfits generally top the list. They are too bold to be worn every day and too eye-catching to not get noticed. In 2020, neon rose again to become one of the most popular fashion trends. Here are some two-piece outfit sets from Jurllyshe to help you shine bright and stand out from the crowd.

Outfit #1 - Jurllyshe Neon Color Zip Up Crop Top and Leggings Shorts Set - Neon Green

two piece pant suit

This neon green crop top and shorts set is the epitome of trendiness. So, if you are looking for a super stylish outfit that will make heads turn wherever you go, this is the outfit you need to purchase.

A great thing about this neon-colored outfit is that it requires minimum styling. You can adorn yourself with a gold necklace and pendant, and you’ll be all set for the day. Nevertheless, if you’re looking to further upgrade the outfit, you should go with some neon-colored sneakers.

Outfit #2 - Jurllyshe Fashion Casual Embroidered Letter Sports Top with Pants Set

two piece pant suit

While this outfit is not exactly neon-colored, it still deserves to get a spot on the top 2020 trendy outfit lists because it eye-catching, Hot Pink color. This super appealing outfit has some letter embroidery done on the front to add a very unique and classy look.

You can style this outfit in several ways. For instance, you could go with a long-chained pendant necklace and some blingy ear accessories. A tiny clutch and large shades also complement this outfit a lot. For the extra bling, wear this outfit with some bright colored stilettoes or joggers.

Trend #3 – Denim Pieces

To be very fair, denim never really went out of trend. However, what makes 2020 different with regards to the denim trend is the influx of various jeans denim pieces including jackets and skirts. Today, denim is all about comfort, and classiness. Here are some of the best denim articles from Jurllyshe for you to look fashionable with little effort.

Outfit #1 - Jurllyshe Side Stripe Detail Crop Top with Skirt Denim Set

two piece pant suit

Nothing gives out more summer vibes than a comfortable, yet stylish bodycon miniskirt and this is exactly what is two-piece denim crop top and skirt set is all about. It makes you look super sexy on a warm, sunny day while making sure that you stay airy and cool throughout the day.

This sexy summer outfit with a figure-hugging silhouette offers plenty of room for styling. You could wear a metal-strapped watch or some silver bracelets to adorn your bare arms. If you are opting for a loose hairstyle, you could wear a pair of pearl studs. Moreover, if you’re going to a party in this outfit, you could dress up in black heels. Otherwise, a cool pair of slides or white sneakers are sufficient to complete this look.

Outfit #2 - Jurllyshe Contrast Color Street Stitching Jacket Top with Denim Pants Set

two piece pant suit

This matching two-piece set with a ruffled denim jacket and pants set is truly one-of-a-kind. The best thing about this outfit is that it is available in 4 different sizes including Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. This makes it perfect to be worn by women with different body types.

Since the outfit already has plenty of ruffles detailing, you need to avoid going overboard with styling. The overuse of accessories will only make you look gaudy. To style this outfit, simply go with a small crossbody bag in a neutral color and a pair of white thick-soled sneakers.


We hoped you liked these trendy matching two-piece outfit sets for women. To browse more articles, visit our website and place your order now. With Jurllyshe’s huge collection of trendy outfits, you are guaranteed to be at the top of the style game every day!