Jurllyshe Single's Day Promotion

Dec.02, 2021

Looking for clothing and other accessories? Well, there is no better place than Jurllyshe to get them. We are offering incredible promotions on our products. Why miss this opportunity?

Jurllyshe Single's Day Promotion

Single’s Day deals

coupon codes

Code: sin5------$5 off for orders over $39

Code: sin10------$10 off for orders over $79

Code: sin20------$20 off for orders over $129

Code: sin50------$50 off for orders over $299

Free shipping for wigs

In Jurllyshe Single's Day deals, as long as you have the human hair wig product(s) in your order, you can get unconditional free shipping.

Headband Wigs

Finding the right headband wigs can prove to be quite difficult. In fact, there are many options for you to choose from and you don’t know which wig will suit you the best.

With Jurllyshe, there is no need to worry because you can get all the high-quality headband wigs that you want. There is a large variety of headband wigs and what they have in common is their quality.

You can rest assured because all the headband wigs that you get from us deliver the quality that you truly need. Other than just coming in different colors, there are different styles as well that you can check out yourself.

Women Clothing

Purchasing clothes can undoubtedly be tedious. Finding the right women clothing is not easy. While some tend to offer high-quality clothing at high costs, others tend to offer low-quality clothing at low prices. You might already know that it consumes a lot of time to find the option that lies in between.

Jurllyshe Single's Day Promotion


When it comes to Jurllyshe, you can rest assured because you get the women's clothing that suits your preferences. In fact, we provide you with reliable clothing at the price that you desire. In fact, you can check them yourself and you will be surprised to realize that we deliver stylish and beautiful clothes at affordable prices.

Whether you want tops, shorts set, or pants set, you can get them from us.

Regardless of the product that you get, you will be satisfied with it. We design all clothes intricately, paying attention to all the minor details. This helps us in delivering the products that are defined properly and meet your preferences.

Instead of using machines for stitching your clothes, we stitch them by hand. It helps in making strong stitches and it allows us to deliver the clothes that stay with you for a long period of time. It means that you don’t have to worry about the stitches becoming undone by themselves.

When you purchase from us, you can be satisfied and assured because we deliver the products that can really make you happy.

Jurllyshe Single's Day Promotion


We have set the prices of the clothes in such a way that anyone can afford them. We have been struggling for a long time now and we are finally able to drive the smile on the faces with our service. We know that customers simply turn away when they see the high prices of headband wigs, clothes, shorts sets, and pants sets. However, with us, that doesn’t happen.

The price of our products compels customers towards our products. You can contact us through the communication protocols which are available on the internet. Moreover, you can also place the order directly through our website. Both of the ways are reliable. We provide both of these ways to you since we deliver the best women's clothing.

Placing the Order

When it comes to placing an order, you just need to follow a few simple steps and they are:

  • Choosing the Product

The process of choosing the product is very easy. That is why you don’t have to worry like you normally do. Just follow the instructions and you will get the product that you desire.

All the products that we offer are displayed on our website under different categories. There are several categories and you can choose the one which you like. Once you have chosen a specific section, you can skim through the products. After liking a product, you can select it and order it. This way, your order will be finalized.

Jurllyshe Single's Day Promotion



  • On-Time Delivery

We know that you want your product as soon as possible. Our agents are very efficient in delivering the product even when the time is very short. Your product reaches within a short while and then you can pay. You have to fill in some of the documents and then you have to pay the price. There are no delivery charges which you have to pay. The delivery of the product is completely free. Actually, we give you the ability to pay through the website and directly. You can choose the option that you find the most suitable.

  • Refund

Since there are so many cases in which customers have been scammed, we wouldn’t be surprised if you found it difficult to trust an online vendor. To assure that you are completely secured, we give you the ability to simply request your money back if you don’t find the quality of our clothing, headband wigs, shorts sets, and pants sets satisfying.

You can simply place the request, however, you will also have to provide proof. Once your request is approved, you will get your money back. We don't cut anything. You get the money that you previously paid.

Jurllyshe Single's Day Promotion

  • Natural Fibers

The women's clothing that we deliver is made up of natural fibers. Natural fibers actually are more durable than other materials. They don't lose their touch even after years. We are the best clothing suppliers and we know just how to manage the quality.

Natural fibers are expensive, however, we don't let them affect the prices of our products. We produce clothes that are made up of cotton, silk, cashmere, and wool. We use natural materials for the production of women's clothing.

However, it does not mean that we don’t use blender fabric. We also use that to provide durability to the clothes. We have been selling women's clothing for years and we know everything about the suitable materials for the manufacturing of good quality clothes.

  • Synthetics

It is common that many clothing suppliers use synthetics for the production of clothes. Synthetics are not only cheaper but they are also more long-lasting than natural fibers. However, they are only used by us. The use of synthetics indicates that the manufacturer prefers the price over the quality. That is why we don’t use synthetics in the manufacturing of clothes. After all, we are the best clothing suppliers. We don’t use synthetics like polyester and acrylic. We simply use the material that can prove to be quite good.

  • Accessories

If you think that we don’t focus on the accessories of clothing then you are wrong. We focus on the quality of the buttons and mostly zippers. These accessories are important parts of your clothes. Actually, to maintain quality, you have to look out for the accessories of clothing.

This tells a lot about the clothing suppliers. We don’t use plastic to make accessories. It indicates the poor quality of clothes and we are highly against it. We mostly use wood and metal for the making of accessories. We also focus on robust buttons since many customers like them. This tells about our nature as a reliable clothing supplier.

Jurllyshe Single's Day Promotion


Why Choose Us?

Now, you might be thinking about why you should consider us over other clothing and headband wig suppliers in the market. Actually, there are a number of reasons and they are as follow:

Customer Satisfaction

One of the key reasons why you should consider purchasing products from us is we pursue customer satisfaction. We believe that it is customer satisfaction that leads to success and efficiency in the market. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that the achievement of customer satisfaction has been our motto for a long time. Instead of misleading our customers, we make sure to cater to all of their needs in an effective manner.

In order to achieve customer satisfaction, we make use of advanced technologies and hand stitching for designing and making your clothes. In addition to it, we make sure to develop reliable products that can stay with our customers for a long time and can sustain damage in severe or extreme situations.

Jurllyshe Single's Day Promotion



Whether you are a teenager or an adult, you require clothes that can not only suit your needs but it is durable enough to be worn multiple times and not have a scratch on them. Finding such types of clothes is quite difficult. In fact, you might know that some wigs and clothes are so fragile that upon a little mismanagement, they tend to experience tears. We make sure that you do not experience this difficulty. Every product that we design is developed to last years and sustain any type of damage that it might suffer. Our wigs and clothes are reliable and they have the capability of supporting your purpose.

Jurllyshe Single's Day Promotion



There are some designers who offer high-quality clothes. However, they offer these clothes and products at quite a high price and you are unable to afford this price. With us, there is no such thing. In fact, you will be surprised to find out that our prices are considerably lower than what others are offering on the products. This cost-effectiveness is provided to you because we understand that you have a specific budget and you cannot cross this budget no matter what. We realize that you desire a high-quality product at an affordable price and that is what we offer.

Furthermore, we are offering promotions that you cannot ignore!


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