Jurllyshe Fashion Trend 2021: Bandage and Drawstring Clothes

Feb.21, 2021

The latest fashion trend 2021 has been updated, haven’t you know that? It’s the bandage and drawstring element! As we all know, fashion trend is a circle, this kind of design detail has already been popular about five years ago, and now it is back again.

bandage pants

The drawstring element was earliest used for fashion about 50 years ago, little big fashion brands like Dior, Chanel..... all tried to make this element popular. The inspiration for bandage or drawstring may come from the medical bandage of war, or the Egyptian mummy, somebody even agrees that it comes from the shoelace and the ancient lace patterns, which are all reasonable. The bandage design element finally became a trend in about 2015, and now, through a big fashion circle, the bandage trend finally comes back in 2021.

And for Jurllyshe, we give the bandaging element more incredible creation. Combining the street style and hip-hop concept, Jurllyshe makes it more young and fashionable.

bandage style

About sexy

When talking about the “bandage ” element, then there must be a hollow-out part on the clothes, which means the wearers can show their body and skin maximumly. So, Jurllyshe has lots of work on this. Such as the following matching sets and sexy corset bodysuit. Even for the simple crop top, when adding some drawstrings under its hem, the whole look becomes more charming and smart.

matching sets

sexy corset bodysuit

crop top

Sexy is the infinity topic for girls, wearing Jurllyshe’s sexy bandage collections will be very captivating.

About cool

If you are a cool chic girl, you should never miss our bandage street collections! The exaggerated design can show your wild attitude and powerful belief, it can be a marvelous piece of equipment for you to express your exclusive fashion idea.

No matter the sweatpants set or the sexy jeans with the bandage on the back, they are all great. You will only get these kinds of amazing designs on Jurllyshe, please keep in mind that Jurllyshe is the only one who will design the advanced trend for you!

bandage sweatpants

bandage sweatpants set

bandage jeans

Besides, Jurllyshe also has the fancy sexy jumpsuit with bandage drawstring design and the Paisley patterns, the ancient pattern crash with the modern elements will give you a fresh feeling of fashion.

Paisley bandage drawstring jumpsuit

Bandage and drawstring elements have become the latest fashion trend in 2021, and Jurllyshe has prepared many great bandage collections and single items for you! Hurry up! Pick your favorite designs.


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