Jurllyshe Denim Trend 2021 & Jeans Knowledge

Feb.03, 2021

Wearing a pair of denim jeans can be the most casual style, its classic look will never be out of fashion. With this article, Jurllyshe will show you the latest denim trend in 2021 and some interesting knowledge of jeans.

denim trend 2021

Each pair of jeans have their own style, and Jurllyshe has dug the latest denim trend in 2021, on Jurllyshe online store you can find the in trend denim styles.

Bandage Drawstring Jeans

This style can show your sexy body in an exaggerated way, the bandages are a popular element in 2021, and when it is used instead of some seams, the jeans will be amazing, you will realize the strong feeling of street style.

bandage jeans

bandage jeans

Stacked Jeans

As the stacked pants, jeans are more street and stereo than the sports sweatshirt outfits. Jurllyshe stacked jeans will lead you to a wild and free fashionable field, you will always be shine when you are wearing them. The trend of stacked pants will maintain in 2021.

stacked jeans

stacked jeans

Patchwork Jeans

For this style, you will fall in love with the free design of the patchwork, it will show your personality maximumly. This style suit for all the creative girls.

patchwork jeans

patchwork jeans

patchwork jeans

Denim Matching Sets

There are also many denim matching sets on Jurllyshe, the consistent design makes the whole look very fresh. It’s a fashionable nice idea!

matching sets

matching sets

Jeans were first invented by Jacob W. Davis and Levi Strauss & Co. in 1871 and became popular among western American gold miners.

As time went by, Jeans have been designed into billions of silhouettes, there are many traditional elements of jeans that have changed, but some have been kept.


Many friends of Jurllyshe have the question about the locked buttonholes, to clarify, it’s not our worker’s carelessness, it’s the symbol of reliable quality!

Firstly, the locked buttonholes can show the customers that this pair of jeans are brand new, which have not been worn by anyone.

Secondly, it’s a humanized decision to don’t open the holes. We know that one size of jeans may fit for many kinds of people who are indifferent figures, so if leave the hole for customers to open it themselves, they can decide how big the hole is, so that can make the jeans more suitable. But if open by machines, the size of the hole will be the same. That’s the reason why we don’t open it.


You may notice that there are always many rivets on the jeans, but why is rivet? At the earliest time, jeans were the gold miners’ favorite, but because of their great range of movement, the cloth would split, so Levi used the rivets to strengthen the seams, and this clever design maintains to today.

Come and carry the latest denim trend in 2021, all amazing denim styles are in Jurllyshe online store. And don’t forget to use Jurllyshe coupons to save!


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