Jurllyshe Classic Collection: Paisley Bandana Pattern Print Styles

Jul.19, 2021

As a classic fashion element, the Paisley bandana pattern has been existing for thousands of years, now, Jurllyshe has designed many wonderful collections with this timeless pattern, and endow more energy to the Paisley pattern’s infinity life.

Paisley Bandana Pattern Print Styles

Paisley pattern was created in the period of Ancient Babylon, then it spread to ancient India and became popular. When it came to the period of Napoleonic Wars (807-85), the Kashmir shawls that were printed with this pattern were taken to Europe and became the favorite fashion element between the uppertendom soon. Some designers even redesigned it with the Victorian style and European court patterns to make it luxurious. In the 19th century, the name “Paisley pattern” appeared, it is from the name of a little town called “Paisley” in west Scotland where was well-known for its cashmere shawl with this kind of pattern.

Some experts believe that the shape of the Paisley pattern was from the leaf of banyan or date palm, and these trees were both related to life, which makes the Paisley pattern more mysterious.

Jurllyshe is always good at giving the vintage elements new life forms, the Paisley pattern is no exception. Follow are some great Paisley styles of Jurllyshe.

As for this pair of sweatpants shorts, we use the overall print to show the charm of the Paisley pattern, the bright background color shows the feeling of vibrant modern society. If you don’t want to be so personalized, we also have the cool black one.

Paisley sweatpants shorts

The Paisley pattern print sexy jumpsuit is also a star product, you can only find the exclusive patchwork Paisley bandana pattern on Jurllyshe. The front print “babe” in the old typeface, makes it more fashionable.

Paisley sexy jumpsuit

For the Paisley pattern sexy corset, the retro corset silhouette with the retro pattern print, together makes Jurllyshe corset so special. With the advanced specification, the corset is more comfortable than its original form.

Paisley sexy corset

We also have the Paisley pattern sweatshirt, the chromatic colors make the T-shirt looks energetic and vivid, it is too fashionable to miss, its oversized shape is very cool, the street style has all shown.

Paisley pattern sweatshirt

Besides, Jurllyshe also has many great stacked leggings printed with the classic Paisley bandana pattern. If you are the one who really want to be stylish, you should try our Paisley pattern collections, the ancient design with modern fashion styles must make you get the peak of fashion.


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