How To Style A Jumpsuit

Dec.22, 2019

I like a jumpsuit. If you are in a hurry or not able to match it, then the jumpsuit is your best choice. This is a simple product that can hold a lot of punches so you can prepare anytime, anywhere. The trick to make a jumpsuit work is to make a part of the shape savvy, while the other part is pure confidence. Take a look at some simple tips for wearing talent and a steady jumpsuit.

How To Style A Jumpsuit

The trend

We say yes to this overall that we put on like pajamas and that makes us suddenly Ultrasuede. The combination, by its simplicity, reaches the nirvana of fashion. Judge it: it goes from 9 to 99 years old - always with the same pace -, dresses us as much during the day as in the evening and, finally, avoids the risk of unpleasant associations since it is self-sufficient, like her cousin the dress.

Only negative point, it requires a special skill when passing through the WC. The creators do not seem to have stopped at this small practical detail since the models abound, both on the catwalk and in ready-to-wear stores.

This season 2019, we love the one pieces UFO ultra Marc Jacobs, but also the combination of colorful jeans seen at Stella McCartney. Besides, we would try the immaculate version of Max Mara ... and you?

How To Wear Jumspuit

This summer, she wears oversize, unbuttoned - to reveal the Marcel - and sleeves rolled for maximum effect. Variation: we tie our sleeves at the waist and we add a T-shirt, as a Pompey. This loose look comes complete with a pair of rawhide sandals or cowboy boots.

For a silhouette that smells of the south, choose a floral model close to the body. Chic all of a sudden stilettos, not to mention the rattan bag and creoles. The more adventurous will try the sportswear version, inspired by the models used in Formula 1 or motocross. To associate absolutely with big sneakers and flashy jewels. The belt is the perfect ally of all these proposals. It tightens, enhances and dresses the silhouette.

Its motto

"At the time, I found fashion too complicated. I wanted to start all over again, taking inspiration from work clothes. I revisited the painter's trousers, the waiter's jacket, the plasterer's overalls ... "

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White long sleeve jumpsuit

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Zip up long sleeve jumpsuit

The final step to successfully achieving a jumpsuit look is deciding what to do with your hair. For casual jumpsuits, try some loose beach waves, or even ultra-low and loose ponytails. Formal jumpsuits, it's best to make a up-dos. Not only is this style more suitable for your chic look, it can also help you stretch your neck and avoid too much occlusion on the same shoulder / chest area.

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