How to DIY Stacked Pants

Jan.29, 2021

DIY stacked pants are not too difficult, with this article will tell you how to DIY stacked pants at home!

As the hottest trend at the present, stacked pants has conquered all cool girls’ hearts, it’s very easy for everyone to DIY it at home! Come on! stretch out your deft hands, let’s make creative stacked pants!

DIY Stacked Pants

What do you need?

-Two pairs of pants (one for the stacked part and one for wearing, you should cut the one for the stacked part, so make sure it worth to be cut before preparing!).

-A sharp scissor that can cut fabrics.

-Needles and threads (it will be better if you got a sewing machine!).

-Your beautiful hands

How to DIY stacked pants

-Firstly, you should grab the pans you want to cut, and cut its legs from the crotch along red lines like the following shows, it's a “C” curve, but don’t make it too curve.

cut legs along red lines

-Then fold the inside to the front of the legs you just cut.

reverse side

-After that, you should grab the other pants and cover their legs with those cut reverse legs.

cover the other pants

-Then you need to sew a circle of the overlapping two pants’ openings together along the red dashed.

sew the openings

-Finally, you should fold the cover legs down, and wear it, but now it’s just a pair of strange pants with overlong legs, all you need to do is pulling up the redundant fabric of two legs when you wear them, then you will get wonderful stacked pants

final look

final version


The most important is choosing these two pants, you can use two similar pants to make sure the fabric style unified or two different colors/styles even materials, so that can be personalized. You can also cut cheap rompers’ legs if you want.

The length of the legs you cut can also be adjusted, it depends on how many pleats you want. But if your sewing skill is not so good, you’d better leave more seam allowance on the openings, so you may cut longer legs to ensure enough pleats.

Jurllyshe stacked pants

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Jurllyshe stacked pants

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See, it’s easy to DIY stacked pants at home. Hurry up! Come up with this stacked pants trend, or just pick your favorite one in Jurllyshe's online store.