How To Be A Fashion Woman

I've been working hard to free you from the fear of shopping and to help you become more calm, self-conscious and confident. As you become more comfortable creating your own style like a samurai, knowing how to choose brands, sizes and colors, you will naturally take the next level, you will become the one with the highest standards “French” woman.

Once you've gotten your wardrobe out of clutter, you'll develop a few habits that will fully guide your future shopping behavior:

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Be mindful of your own problems. If you're having trouble finding the right size pants, this is something to keep an eye on. Ask yourself to try it on, even if you don't like it. Embrace unexpected surprises, like you've ditched skinny jeans and found a brand you just happen to like. But you can only know if the size is right if you are willing to try it on.

Always know what you're missing. Keep a shopping list so you can buy what you need in time. Have the cuffs of your black cardigan started to fray? on the list. Are your nude flats dying? Then you have to pay attention. Don't forget the fashion ideas you listed earlier, and remember to look for those that expand your fashion horizons.

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Pay attention to your fashion short board. Life always has its ups and downs, and there will come a day when you will be overwhelmed and give up a piece of clothing because you don't know how to match it. Don't just give up, go back and do some research when you have time.

Maybe a piece of that dress should be cut, maybe a new one should be bought to match, maybe it should be worn on another occasion. If these slightly baggy jeans don't feel professional enough, why not wear them with a slim tank top, tee or linen shirt on the weekends?

Find the boutique that makes you happy. If you come across a store where everything looks like it was made just for you, you're in luck. Don't give up this luck, visit often. Come every season to see what's new. Subscribe to the store's newsletter to stay informed about sales.

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If the store is small and you can become a VIP member, then you may get special treatment. For example, you may occasionally encounter temporary discounts and so on.

Shop in season (or out of season). While it's easy to think that seasonal shopping is a tactic of merchants to entice you to visit their store a few times a year, there's no denying that clothing needs to be changed. The upcoming change of seasons effectively reminds us that it's time to change our clothes.

When the seasons are about to change, take stock of your wardrobe (it might only take a while) to see what you're missing. Of course, off-season shopping is also right, as long as you can benefit from the merchant's clearance sale. Jurllyshe fashion clothing attracts many women and girls for its unique design. Jurllyshe now has many new arrivals here such as summer dresses and sexy one piece swimsuit.

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Brighten your eyes. As you pay more and more attention to your clothing and the message it conveys, you become consciously observing the world around you. One of my favorite things to do on the New York subway is a 30-second clothing scan.

I can't help but pay attention to these, and when I see a group of strangers, I always observe how they dress. Some styles are great, some are less than ideal, and some are unbearable to look at. (Trust me, I've held back from commenting publicly on the last style.)

Before long, you'll start experimenting with this useful, enjoyable pastime too. Use your newfound awareness to go out in public and find ideas. If a person is well dressed, find out why. How would she look in a grey top with a bold silver bob and a pair of peach jeans with a flowy white wool cardigan? If a person's dress is barely passable, can you see what makes him slightly inferior? Feel free to judge mentally, but also look for actionable advice from these brief observations.

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Sometimes the collocations in magazine illustrations are so otherworldly perfect that they are difficult to apply in real life. Find a dressing idol. Looking for inspiration to dress in real life? Ignore celebrities who are mostly half-naked, they're a far cry from real life.

Find the dressing idols in your life. Is there a colleague who always surprises you with his clothes, a friend who always dwarfs everyone else's clothes, an acquaintance you always praise? Set this idol as the standard in your mind. The next time you're overwhelmed at the store or in front of the mirror, ask yourself, "Would Mezzie wear this?" The answer should be obvious.



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