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Jan.29, 2021

As an important part of the fashion world, street style is always popular and attractive. Of cause, Jurllyshe has lots of cool street style clothes, if you slide the pages of Jurllyshe, you will find out many great street style fashion.

Street Style

Street fashion earliest stat after the period of world war two, since the economy is in recession, high-class fashion can’t capture the public, so street fashion was born. The street style never cares about the silhouette, no matter the slim sexy romper or the oversize stacked pants, they all can be street style, it always depends on the print, the design elements, and the sense of casual and fashionable, even advancing art. But it is definitely not the formal garments or uniforms, street style combined many elements like hip-hop, sports, and art. The main idea of street fashion are personality and comfort.

Jurllyshe always pays more attention to street styles, from the tops. shirts to pants and dress, there are lots of products that are street style.

As for this dress, the print of the top is very wild and exaggerated, if there is not a characteristic girl, she will never purchase this cool set. As for its skirt, which can be separated into many parts, is a created design experiment, the metal zippers are full of the sense of punk.

street dress

For this tight dress, even it is a slim style, it’s also can be defined as street fashion because of its letter print and the break side seam. Firstly, it is true that this dress is very sexy for it can show the wearer’s great stature, but the imaginative break side seam with drawstrings are really advancing. The sports style letter print makes it unique and energetic.

street dress

For this camouflage print street pants, the camouflage is already awesome, with its loose legs, it can show the great fashion design. The big pockets elegant is from the cargo pants, which can represent.

street pants

There are many cool street styles on Jurllyshe, they are waiting for you to dig them out! Besides, don’t forget that we always have Jurllyshe coupons for you! It’s also good to wear wild wigs with street style fashions.


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