PayPal Installment on Jurllyshe-Buy Now Pay Later Wigs and Clothes
PayPal installment has been applied on Jurllyshe to offer you the service of “buy now pay later wigs and clothes”. There are two products of PayPal installment methods: Pay in 4 and PayPal credit, they should be used for different occasions to ensure that you can buy now pay later wigs and clothes successfully.
Buy Now Pay Later Wigs, Hair Bundles, and Women Clothing
Buy now pay later wigs has not been a new concept in modern life, on Jurllyshe, you can also buy now pay later hair bundles and buy now pay later clothes since we have offered Quadpay and PayPal installment as our new payment methods.
Jurllyshe Mother's Day Preview Sale Gift Guide
Jurllyshe Mother's Day preview sale is coming. It will start from 16th April to 22nd April. Now, it’s the right time to prepare gifts for your mom! And you also have the chance to win free gifts from Jurllyshe!
Jurllyshe Environmental Protection Week Fashion Sale
Jurllyshe environmental protection week is coming. From April 9th to 15th, To publicity the World Earth Day and call upon the eco-friendly lifestyle, Jurllyshe has held the environmental protection fashion sale, there will be 1000 gifts for our customers.
Jurllyshe Easter Collection Sale
Jurllyshe Easter collection sale is being held now, it will come to the next exciting stage on the 2nd of April and maintain to the 9th of April. There will be more surprises and discounts for customers to enjoy the latest fashion fields.
Buy Now Pay Later, Quadpay
If you often pay attention to Jurllyshe’s best fashionable apparel, or you have bought some awesome kinds of stuff on Jurllyshe in recent days, you may have noticed that you have been already able to pay your order via Quadpay on March 2021.
Jurllyshe Best Easter Collection Sale Preview
The annual Easter is coming, and Jurllyshe has already prepared many surprises for the preview sale from 25th March to 2nd April! The big discount and hidden coupons are here waiting for you to get! The Easter collection will be launched for your latest fashion decision!
Jurllyshe Tax Refund Season Sale
The tax refund season 2021 has been starting for weeks, Jurllyshe will give a big discount from 11th to 18th to celebrate that we all get our money back! If you just missed our super 3rd-anniversary sale, don’t be worried, the tax refund season sale is coming!
Group Buy
Today I will show you two exclusive skills, the group buy and Jurllyshe medal system. You may save lots of money when buying fashion on Jurllyshe during our anniversary sale with these skills. Come and grab this unique chance! Over five hundred friends have participated, we are waiting for you!
Jurllyshe live show
Jurllyshe’s 3rd-anniversary carnival sale has been starting! Our special live show is on March 5th and 9th for the anniversary, and there will be an amazing discount for every customer!
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