back to school
18th July. to 7th Aug. is the date of Jurllyshe back to school sale, it can be promised that all of your favorite styles will be at the lowest price ever this year! and there will be thousands of gifts for you. The unprecedented promotion will be held to encourage your new term and make sure that you can be the most fashionable girl at school!
new tops
It’s time for Jurllyshe’s new large sales! Up to 70% discounts, including matching sets, dresses, wigs, etc. Holiday season is hot now.

Good news for girls! Jurllyshe and Beauty Forever launch travel support activity. Do you wanna travel free? You can get $1000 for travel and 1 lace wig and 5 pcs clothes!

Jurllyshe million subsidy sale has been launched, from May 9th to May 14th, everyone can enjoy a high discount in Jurllyshe, you can just choose whatever you like, sexy dresses, fashion coats, and nice T-shirts.
Jurllyshe Mother’s Day Sales 2022
Mother’s Day is coming, your Mother’s Day gifts for your mom should also be on their way now! Or it will be too late to catch Mother’s Day! Jurllyshe has already prepared the best gifts for you to pick for your mom, and there are also amazing sales that are from April 29th to May 9th.
Jurllyshe Spring Clearance Sales
Jurllyshe spring clearance sale has been launched, from Apr 19th to Apr 28th, everyone can enjoy up to 60% off in Jurllyshe, you can just choose your favorite styles which may be on the list of the clearance, all the new arrivals, and trendy styles can be discounted by using the coupons.
Happy Easter sales is coming soon and every clothing company is beginning to plan their sale promotions, and so is the online fashion brand Jurllyshe. Jurllyshe has already set everything ready for the festival.
Jurllyshe 4th Anniversary Clothing And Wigs Sale
Jurllyshe 4th anniversary sale is in progress, everything is about giveaways and gifts. 2022 is the fourth year since Jurllyshe was established, the anniversary sale of Jurllyshe is bigger and bigger, and every year's anniversary sale of Jurllyshe is always the biggest one.
Jurllyshe Spring Fashion New Arrivals Sale
Jurllyshe spring new arrivals sale has begun, all the new-in styles are under an 11% off discount, it may your best chance to dress up beautifully for a brand new and hopeful spring. Besides the promotion of new arrivals, there are still many benefits and gifts for other clothes and human hair wigs.
2022 Tax Refund Calendar
The tax refund season 2022 will start on January 24th, Jurllyshe will also give a big discount to celebrate that we all get our money back! Following is the latest information about the tax refund season.
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