How To Care For Curly Wig?

Feb.21, 2021

Women like to find new ways to show themselves, so they always need a new wig. For women, curly wigs are a necessity. Because this texture looks more natural on black women and matches the original natural hair. Curly wigs can have tangled problems that look rough and not bright enough, so most women try to find a way to make curly wigs look healthy. Here, we have some suggestions on how to care for curly wigs.

How to clean curly wigs?

Carefully clean your curly wigs. Curly wigs don't need to be cleaned every day like your own hair. However, long-term non-washing will cause wigs to tangles, dirt accumulation, and even wigs will lose their luster. Your curly wigs can also become stiff and difficult to shape. Therefore, we need to clean the curly wigs regularly. It is best to wash your hair 7-10 days. Check the washing instructions of the wig before washing the wig and clean the wig as required. Place the wig in a shallow basin mixed with warm water and shampoo, and repeatedly comb the wig with your fingers, from the end of the wig to the top of the wig. After the wig is cleaned, apply the conditioner to the wig. Wait a few minutes and rinse the wig with clean water. You can wipe the excess water on the wig with a towel, but don't dry your wig, which may cause it to lose curl.

How to comb curly wigs?

Don't comb directly when the curly wigs are dry. It will be a nightmare. Carding dry wigs can cause more wear. We recommend that you do all the shapes when your curly wigs are wet or damp. Use a wide-toothed comb instead of a regular brush to brush your wig. First untie with your fingers, always starting from the end of the wig and moving toward the root (lace wig cap). Use a wide-toothed comb and start combing the ends of the wig to work toward the wig cap. Always gently comb the hair to avoid straining or pulling the hair as this can cause the curled wig to fall off and twist. Do not over comb the curly wigs.

How to use the right product to maintain the curly wigs?

Use vegetable oils or nut oils (such as argan oil, coconut oil and almond oil) as part of your moisturizing routine to keep your curly wigs nourished. It also prevents tangles because it keeps the wig smooth throughout the day. When purchasing products for your wig, you should use healthy hair care products such as sulfate-free and paraben-free.

How to moisturize curly wigs?

Like your real hair, your curly wigs sometimes looks dry. If your wig looks dry, you need to add moisture to it. Because curly wigs are a virgin's hair, spraying it with a little water or liquid such as argan or grape seed oil can rejuvenate your curly wig and make them look healthy again. Regularly adding moisture to the wig is essential to protect the wig.

How to save the curly wigs?

If you don't use curly wigs for a long time, I suggest that you need to send your fake back to the network. Then put it back into the bag that your wig came in and then flatten it. If you are no longer using the packaging it comes with, place a hairline on it and place it in a plastic shoe box or similar container. These methods help keep your curls so they are not tangled. They also keep your wigs clean. If you wear a curly wigs often, you can put it on a wig-specific stand, which helps maintain the wig's curvature.

Curly wig is an excellent wig style.It can change people's hairstyles and enhance temperament. Helps you take care of curly wigs by listing 5 tips for hair care to help you extend the life of your curly wig.