What to Wear: To Encounter Your Idols In Bar

Jul.19, 2021

Love her or hate her, Kim’s clothing styles have been leading the fashion trend. Everyone who keeps surfing platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn, etc, must know Kim Kardashian. And even lots of them dream to be her or to have a sports or music star boyfriend, dreaming to have a date with them in a bar. What would you wear if you had a chance to date with Jean Michel Basquiat, Virgil Abloh, or other sports stars?

What to Wear: To Encounter Your Idols In Bar

A lot of exciting things are waiting: going to a bar hop around downtown with friends or co-workers, maybe flirting with cute guys, and definitely making long-lasting memories. Jurllyshe has all the essentials you can get for a bar time and even some outfit suggestions for the next time you’re trying to figure out to wear. The following 2020 bar outfit ideas will perfectly show you how to create great ensembles for your night out.

bar date outfits

What To Wear for A Bar Date?

bar date outfits

If you want to look classy and polished, choose dark, skinny jeans, or wear ripped and distressed jeans to make this new thing on the beach popular. Frankly speaking, any pair of jeans that you like and feel great is a good choice for bars. Might as well start brainstorming, and shopping, now.

Imagine you are wearing these women outfits in a bar... and luckily catch ones eyes or meet your idols...

9 Best Casual Night-Out Bar Date Outfits Ideas for Women In Fall 2020

1. Flare Jeans

As we continue to see on the runway and streets, flare jeans are making a comeback and will continue to hold strong through 2020. Interestingly, celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Margot Robbie, and Harry Styles have already been to following the 1970’s inspired jeans. Fashion girls have also are also becoming to accept this vibe.  

We can see more other classic fashion elements have been designed into 2020’s flares jeans, such as the patchwork, split, and ripped. They are very versatile and can be paired with any shirt or pair of shoes.

Flare Jeans

2. Different Colored Patchwork Jeans

2020 fashion trends colored patchwork jeans create the overall secondary appearance of denim. By breaking the rules or increasing the decorative details of the pockets of different colors, using simple and individual asymmetrical visual effects, the pockets of different colors stitched together with the skinny pattern are combined to form original patterns, using neat stitches and burrs to create a DIY style. simplification, secondary use, upgrading, and recycling, make the classic and real denim look new and increase the sense of hierarchy. Which are absolutely big choices for bar outfits. 

patchwork jeans

skinny patchwork jeans

3. Skinny Jeans with Split Hem Jeans

The skinny-jean trend you may have spotted on a few fashion influencers-not to mention Hailey Bieber. Skinny jeans with split hems at the side of the ankle have been quietly popping up from cool-girl. This is a subtle detail, but the side splits are what really makes these skinny jeans really stand out.

They add some flares around the ankles, making them ideal denim and suitable for ankle boots. The side split and flared hem on this trend is truly genius. But they're not just paired with ankle boots. Strappy heels, kitten heels, and flats are great with denim. Or you could follow Bieber's lead and wear a pair of sneakers. 

split hem jeans

4. Ripped And Distressed Jeans

Ripped and distressed jeans are never going out of style. It has been integrated into flare jeans, split hem jeans, boyfriend jeans, and other denim jeans styles. The ripped and distressed jeans are in the limelight in 2020, both girls and guys are fancy to them. Wearing ripped and distressed jeans for a bar, meet your guys for dating.

ripped jeans

5. A Bodycon Jumpsuit

simplification, secondary use, upgrading, and recycling, make the classic and real denim look new and increase the sense of hierarchy. If you are going to a fancy spot, opt for a bodycon jumpsuit with high heels, you will be ready to boogie all night long. 

bodycon jumpsuit

6. A Matchy-matchy Look

How about wearing a matchy-matchy outfit for your bar dating time. Try on a turtleneck irregular one sleeve crop top with fit split pants set. Split element design is all over this year in 2020, it has been set on fire by SR. 

matching sets

7. Boyz N The Hood Graphic

If the bar is only one block from the coastline, you must wear casual clothes even if it is hot outside. This high waist drawstring Boys N the Hood sweatpants is very suitable. Pair it with a sleeveless tank crop top and casual sports shoes. If luckily come across a hip-pop star, then it will be a visual sense of lovers’ clothes. 

sports pants

All the outfits will have a big discount from Sept.26 to Sept.30. Discover them and create a bar-time wearing for autumn.